Coconut carrot mi-cuit


Coconut carrot cake upgrade Nº3: coconut carrot mi-cuit

Mi-cuit comes from french and literally means half cooked. When ordering a dessert in France, you’ll opt for mi-cuit au chocolat. It’s a chocolate cake whit a liquid chocolaty middle part. It is baked really quickly so that it gets crust on the outside but stays liquid on the inside. Since my carrot cake is really moist and dense and contains no eggs you will get juicy carrot mi-cuit.


Chia will do the trick!

Chia has high fiber and protein content and is rich with omega-3 fatty acids. What’s even better: it has binding properties. When combined with water, It forms a gel that can be used as an egg replacer.

The main formula is: 1 egg = 1 Tbsp chia seed + 3 Tbsp water.




  1. Follow raw coconut carrot cake recipe.
  2. Put mixture in individual pie molds and bake at 170ºc for approx. 30 min.
  3. Let cool and serve with greek yogurt topped with coconut, raspberries and some crushed roasted nuts.

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