Hi there!

My name is Sara. I’ve started writing my blog to capture those little things that go by every day unnoticed without even realizing they are the essence of who we really are. There are so many beautiful things around us, but sometimes we tend not to see them. I simply wanted to capture my passions and share them with my friends.

My passion with food started long ago. It’s in the family I guess. But the turning point for me was when I got Diabetes type 1 back in 2012. I always liked cooking, but at that point I had to reconsider what to cook, eat and especially how to eat, as food is an essential part of every diabetic’s life. Since, every meal is a culinary experience and also an experiment as I will often try new and alternative things to get the healthiest result possible.

Wine is yet another story… I’m no expert. Getting to know the wine is a long process, but once you’ve tried a good bottle, you start understanding what it is all about. We learn to shape our taste trough all our life. And since most of the bottles I’ve tried (some being a turning point in my perception of wine) have already slipped out of my mind, I decided to keep it post.

At the end, since I’m a global nomad, living somewhere in between Slovenia, France and Canada, there are many different seasons, places, colors and people to inspire me. And I’m thankful for that.

All I wish is that people would live more passionately!


All photos are my originals. If you need one, do contact me. I will be glad to share. But no borrowing without my notice. Please.

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