Three ingredients, three cakes


Every year round the first of November I pack my bags and head to Budapest to a swing dance event called Lindy Shock. This one has been 6th in a row for me! Unfortunately I don’t get to see the city that much because I’m mostly going through a cycle dance-eat-sleep. What I do get to see is that mysterious part of the day when the sun has not arisen yet, but it’s bright enough to see those grayish mists rising from the river up the city walls. There is something magical in those early morning hours when the city is waking up and all you see are those lost souls from yesterday’s party returning back home… suddenly I realize I smell winter. Clean. Sharp. Cold.

So yes, I’m in need of something cosy and warm. From Italy. And I run by this classical italian (or should I rather say Piemontese) dessert. It’s called Torta di nocciole:

  • 200g toasted hazelnuts
  • 200g sugar
  • 4 eggs

Three ingredients. Minimalistic. Simple.


No butter needed and I’m replacing sugar with mashed bananas. It’s lightly sweet, but I find it just perfect. I’m making two versions of this. One is with almonds the other with roasted hazelnuts. Both work well, it’s up to you to decide. The one with almonds has a mild taste and is perfect for spreading some cinnamon butter on top. Thanks to roasting the nuts, the hazelnut version has more pronounced and rustic taste and topping it with some coconut cream is pure delight. Or, you can always try the original recipe.





  • 200g almonds or roasted hazelnuts
  • 200g bananas (without peel)
  • 4 eggs
  • vanilla pod (optional)


  • butter + cinnamon + maple syrup
  • coconut cream & roasted hazelnuts


  1. For hazelnut version, put hazelnuts on a baking sheet and oven roast at 200ºc until lightly brown (If you want, you could do the same with almonds, but that’s optional).
  2. Ground the nuts into flour consistency using a food processor. Add bananas and pulse several times. Than add egg yolks and vanilla and mix on the highest speed until you get a smooth consistency.
  3. Beat the egg whites, than add one third at a time into the banana mixture. Do not over mix.
  4. Bake at 180ºc until lightly brown (it took me aprox. 25 mins, but the time depends on the oven).
  5. Let cool and top with cinnamon butter or coconut cream and sprinkle with some roasted nuts.

7 thoughts on “Three ingredients, three cakes

  1. Hi Sara! It was so nice to meet you at NjamZgodbe last week! I didn’t know you swing dance!!! I went to the festival in Celje a couple months ago. I know there’s swing dance a couple nights a week here in town…we should go sometime 🙂

    P.S. This cake looks really good. I love that you replaced the sugar with banana 🙂

    • Hi! I didn’t know you also dance!! That’s great. I couldn’t come to Celje due to leg injury, but I’m fine now. So yes, we will definitely go dancing soon! 🙂
      P.S. Thanks 🙂 Photos aren’t actually the best because I was trying a really old and sort of broken lenses, but the cake was soo good 🙂

      • Oh I’m glad your leg is better now! I still think the photos are pretty 🙂 I want to try it but don’t have a food processor (left all my appliances in the US). I’ll have to remember to make it when I get back home.

      • Wow, you gotta be a really creative person 🙂 I couldn’t do without kitchen appliances… They are all super mini because my kitchen is really small, but they do their job (got my mini food processor in Lidl for 15€). But anyway… I think you’ll try it before getting back to US 😉

      • The outlets are different, and I didn’t want to ruin them with using a transformer, so I left them (but I’m struggling, lol!) But 15 euro though?? I’m very tempted to get one!

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